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Betting sports at land-based sportsbooks in the United States might be few and far between, but the opposite can be said for those online sports betting sites for USA players. In fact, those who are interested in betting sports on the Internet might be happy to know that there are dozens and dozens of reputable sportsbooks that are both legal and accepting of American players. This certainly opens the doors for U.S. sports bettors, with plenty of access to the online world where they are a few clicks away from laying down a wager.

Online sportsbooks for American players offer a wide range of different betting options, all of which will be available once an account is created. These betting sites all allow real money deposits, so the wagers you make can win you cash. Find out more below about what can be found, including the bets that can be made at the U.S. online sportsbooks, how to play for real money, and what other opportunities there may be.

Is It Legal For U.S. Residents To Gamble On Sports?

When answering this question, consider the fact that U.S. federal laws do not prohibit placing a wager online. The laws only prohibit monetary transactions for a bet or wager, but furthermore, the specifically mention gambling businesses and not bettors. With bettors being left on the outside of laws like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and the Federal Wire Act, it makes it possible to sign up for accounts at sportsbooks accepting them.

The sportsbooks that are available are not in the United States, but rather operate elsewhere internationally. They still target U.S. players and formulate sports odds for leagues in the United States, but to comply with the federal laws we mention this must be the case to still remain legal for both parties.

Best Way For U.S. Players To Withdrawal Money From Online Sportsbooks

The best way for you to withdrawal your winnings from a USA online sportsbook really depends on what sportsbook you choose. However, the best overall method is for you to choose to be paid with a check sent to your house. This method is available at all online sports betting sites and it is usually the preferred method for normal sports bettors.

If you do choose to get a check sent to you, do yourself a favor and pay the fee to get it shipped express mail, like UPS or FedEx. The fee ranges from free and goes as high as $40 max. This way lets you get your check in 3-5 days though instead of 2-4 weeks and it is well worth it in the end.

Cashing A Check From An Online Sportsbook If You Live In The USA - The check that you receive from an online sportsbook should not be treated any differently then any other check you get. Simply deposit it into your bank and it should clear the next day. If by chance the check is from a bank that is nearby you, it would be even better to go straight to that bank and cash it there. Either way though, there is rarely a problem cashing a check from an online sportsbook and you should do so without worrying about anything.


Sports betting Sites That Welcome USA Players

Bovada Sportsbook

Fastest Sportsbook Withdrawals For U.S. Players

Most people that live in the United States have heard of Bovada before, and that is because it is the biggest of all the online sports betting sites that accept U.S. Players. Players can find more choices to bet on sports at bovada then they will in Las Vegas. They have parlays, pleasers, teasers, round robins, and every other kind of wager you can think of. When you are ready to cash out, nobody pays U.S.A. players faster then Bovada sportsbook. They have several option like wire transfer that can get you your money in a few days. Or, the most popular method is to have a check sent via UPS to your house and you will have it in less then a week after you request it. Overall, Bovada is by far the best online sportsbook for USA players.

Rating 9.5/10

USA Accepted Websites
Fastest Payouts
USA Players
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1 Bovada Sportsbook Withdrawals $250 Wire Transfer - 12- 24 Hrs. Bet NOW
2 BetOnline Sportsbook Withdrawals $900 Western Union - 48 Hours Bet NOW
3 Withdrawals $1,000 Cash Wires - 72 Hours Bet NOW
4 WagerWeb Sportsbok Withdrawals $1,000 Western Union - 36 Hours Bet NOW
5 5 Dimes Withdrawals $520 Debit Re-Credit - 3 to 5 Days Bet NOW

How Do I Bet Real Money On Sports At USA Betting Sites?

Sportsbooks will have ways in which account holders will be able to make a deposit and fund their account with the site. Not all sites will have identical funding methods. Having said that, there are some consistencies in terms of the American-friendly deposit methods that can be used.

Such deposit methods for U.S. players include credit cards, of which Visa and American Express are commonly accepted. In addition to credit card deposits, other ways include Western Union transfers, MoneyGram transfers, money orders, cashier's checks.

Sportsbooks will have 'banking' or 'cashier' sections that go into specific details about what that site allows for depositing methods. They will also stipulate whether or not American players can use the methods available. The general options that we listed in the paragraph above are good guidelines to go by.

What Sports Can I Bet On At American Sports Betting Sites?

Tons! The online sportsbooks that we talk about and mention throughout this site will feature thousands of great sports betting lines to take advantage of. All of the typical sports you would expect to be able to wager on are there. Perhaps the biggest sections will be the NFL, college football, NBA, MLB, and sports like that.

But rest assured that online sports betting sites for USA players make sure to cover lines for all types of sports fans and bettors. Obviously these odds and payouts won't be consistent across sites at every sportsbook, which is why it's such a competitive industry. In fact, with there being a great many options for American players, we always recommend checking out several and seeing which one gives you the best lines for the sports you are looking to wager on.

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