Legal Online Sports Betting In The U.S.

Betting on sports in the United States can be done legally a couple of different ways. There are of course land-base sports betting options, but only at a few states in the country. Federal law prohibits states from such action with few exceptions under the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act. So for the vast majority of sports bettors residing in the U.S., alternative options must be sought. Fortunately, the options that are out there allow wagering on sports to legally take place, through the use of the Internet.

Every state in the U.S. will have online sportsbooks that accept them to legally create accounts, which is the best way to bet sports for American players. It's the best of both worlds really, with the fact that it is legal, and is also widely accessible. Learn more about sports betting in the U.S. below, in terms of why it can be done legally online, what states have legal land-based sports betting, and the laws the affect the practice.

Is It Legal To Bet Sports Online In The United States?

Yes, it is legal to place an online sports wager in the U.S. And it's really quite simple to explain. But what players must first realize is that the Internet sites where they can legally place wagers will not be regulated by states, meaning that the online sportsbooks are not American-based. This is why the sites are not in violation of federal laws. Because of this, the sites operate freely, and choose to accept U.S. players. And with no law on the books against placing an online wager at the federal level, it's legal to do, so long as the play betting is of legal gambling age.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and the Federal Wire Act are two reasons why online sportsbooks cannot operate in the U.S. Then the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act is the reason that in large part, land-based sports betting is very limited. Only Nevada, Montana, Oregon, and Delaware are exempt from PASPA, when it was implemented, by applying for immunity and/or meeting the requirements that were stated prior to.

Sports Betting Laws In the U.S.

Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act - Passed in 1992, PASPA prohibits the act of betting on sports in the U.S. with the exception of states where immunity was applied for. To do so, states had to have a decade or more experience with licensed gaming in their state, and apply within the one-year window that was granted. We mentioned the states above which applied, with Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana the lone four.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 - The UIGEA does not directly target online gambling itself, it goes after it in a roundabout manner. How is this so? The UIGEA aims to ban online gambling businesses from partaking in the very thing that makes them profitable; taking deposits and processing sports betting payouts. The UIGEA prohibits such sites from doing so, making it illegal for a business to accept funds with the intent of gambling, sports betting, etc.

Federal Wire Act - This Act first applied across the board to all gaming, but now is specific to only sports betting. This decision was made in 2011 by the U.S. Court of Appeals. The Wire Act prohibits wire communication from being used by 'betting businesses' to aid or assist with a sports wager being placed. This applies to businesses, and not individual bettors.

Legal Online Sportsbooks That Accept USA Players

Rank Legal Betting Websites Bonus Fastest Payouts USA Players Visit Site
1 Bovada Sportsbook Withdrawals $250 Wire Transfer - 12- 24 Hrs. Bet NOW
2 BetOnline Sportsbook Withdrawals $900 Western Union - 48 Hours Bet NOW
3 Withdrawals $1,000 Cash Wires - 72 Hours Bet NOW
4 WagerWeb Sportsbok Withdrawals $1,000 Western Union - 36 Hours Bet NOW
5 5 Dimes Withdrawals $520 Debit Re-Credit - 3 to 5 Days Bet NOW

Don't Get Discouraged By The Laws... U.S. Residents Can Still Bet Online

While there are several sports betting laws in the U.S., legal sports betting can still be conducted by American players. That is the biggest thing we want readers to take away from this. The online sportsbooks allowing U.S. players are some of the best betting sites around, forming great lines for U.S. sports waiting for players like you.

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